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Using technology to help Kenyan farmers grow more resilient crops and improve soil health.

Although a quarter of the world's arable land is to be found in Sub-Saharan Africa, it currently accounts for less than 10% of the world's agricultural output. If the region is to realise its enormous potential, it must harness the power of its smallholder farmers, who make up over 60 percent of its population and provide over 20 percent of its GDP. These farmers need help to increase their output at the same time as mitigating the effects of climate change.

Lentera Limited is an agritech company based in Kenya which specialises in precision farming using advanced technology. Using satellite-based crop analysis to monitor soil health, water stress, crop nutrition and disease, they give farmers a clearer picture of the status of their farms, helping them to make the informed choices and interventions to increase crop yield and help improve climate resistance. They also provide farmers with organic fertilisers, ensuring that short-term increases in output don't compromise long-term soil health, and help farmers find new markets for their surplus.

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