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Innovation inspired by nature

Harnessing the power of the natural world to address the challenges of the climate crisis.

RE:TV is a showcase for the inspiring innovations that are emerging all over the world in response to the climate and biodiversity crisis. Our films provide a platform for the growing community of change-makers around the world. By raising awareness of new technologies, we hope to encourage businesses to explore how they can use these new technologies and ideas to accelerate the transition to Net Zero, and, at a wider level, to address the increasing anxiety that we all feel about the climate.

As our founder put it when RE:TV launched in 2020; "there is real hope, but we've got to come together as a world on this."

RE:TV was founded in January 2020 by His Majesty King Charles III (then HRH The Prince of Wales) as part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, and his long-standing commitment to environmental issues continues to inspire our work. A remote production team has worked since the summer of 2020 to make more than 100 films with local crews all over the world; exploring a wide range of themes with a diverse selection of contributors, covering case studies on Nature Based Solutions in Costa Rica, Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Illinois, Regenerative Agriculture in India and Plastic Recycling in Uganda. We release a new case-study film every two weeks, produce regular social content to amplify those films and mark key dates and events, and cover major climate events like COP.

RE:TV has now generated over fifteen million views across our website, YouTube channel, social platforms and through distribution partnerships with the likes of Amazon Prime, Bloomberg and Waterbear and is building on these foundations to increase the reach, ambition and impact of the films and social content it produces.

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