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COP28: Dr. Jennifer Holmgren

"A lot of people say, okay, businesses are going to pull this off. Business is enough, but businesses cannot mobilise the massive amount of capital, the massive amount of resources that governments can. The problem is that governments tend to be slower than business. And so I agree that business has to lead, but governments then need to increase the ambition and really create the push to make things happen."

Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of Lanzatech, calls on governments to create the right frameworks and incentives so that the innovative, disruptive technologies we need to address the climate crisis can develop and scale rapidly. As the CEO of a business which is pioneering a new carbon economy from captured emissions, she knows more than most about the need for private sector collaboration.

Although she is conscious that there is little time left. she is encouraged by the committment and creativity of young people around the world who are determined to tackle the climate crisis.

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