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COP28: PepsiCo

Highlighting the importance of collaboration across supply chains and sectors

"We've seen the whole value chain really becoming much more aware of the systemic nature of the challenges that we're all going to need to create a more sustainable and regenerative food system. Because to feed the world in a way that's better for the planet and better for the people, it's going to take all the various parts working together a lot more effectively."

Jim Andrew of PepsiCo has witnessed the significant impact of climate change on crops and water, which directly affects the food value chain and food businesses across the globe. As the EVP and CSO of a company that is highly dependent on 30 crops from across 60 countries, he has seen how the climate crisis often first manifests itself in water, and how collaboration across supply chains and sectors is the only way we are going to tackle the challenge of feeding growing populations at the same time addressing the climate crisis.

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