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Renewable Optimization
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Renewable Optimization

The Indian Government has targeted a rooftop solar capacity of 40GW by 2022. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Siddharth Gangal and Chief Technology Officer, Sagar Singh Chauhan outline how The Solar Labs is helping to increase the pace of installations by offering automated computer analysis of rooftop capacities to optimise the configuration of solar panels.

three-dimensional models made from either satellite imagery or drone videos automate an optimal installation design

Energy production is the largest source of carbon emissions globally. We must shift to renewables to achieve Net Zero, and to do this before it's too late, we must develop technologies in order to streamline and accelerate the transition. New Delhi based The Solar Labs uses artificial intelligence to assess potential sites for solar panel installation. Their technology can perform a detailed analysis of the customer’s rooftop remotely, with the use of three-dimensional models made from either satellite imagery or drone videos and automate an optimal installation design. Based on this design, the software creates a construction-ready blueprint and the list of materials needed to set up a rooftop solar system. The technology essentially automates the engineering process, which is usually both time consuming and expensive.

Visit The Solar Labs' website to find out more.

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