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Coast 4C

Farming seaweed to generate new sources of income and restore marine biodiversity

Coast4c helps fishing communities learn how to farm and sell seaweed; a much-needed economic alternative in areas that have seen dramatic biodiversity loss. Not only does this encourage communities to become more resilient to climate change, but it helps restore the marine ecosystem and lock carbon in the ocean.

Seaweed is an essential ingredient in food and cosmetic products, and can be used to create bioplastics and biofuels more efficiently than land crops, providing a sustainable and scalable income for the 22 million small-scale fishers around the globe. It also helps restore biodiversity and diminishing fish stocks, as well as capturing and storing large amounts of carbon dioxide.

Many fishing communities are already experiencing the devastating impact of  climate change. After the devastation caused by Typhoon Odette in the Philippines in December 2021. COast4C have helped communities rebuild their local economies, reconnecting them to the world’s largest supply chain for regenerative seaweed.

By encouraging sustainable fishing and seaweed farming practices in and around Marine Protected Areas, they are incentivising fishing communities to take the lead in restoring our oceans, at the same time as helping them become more resilient and adaptable to the impact of climate change.

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