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Rethinking Food

Making our global food system work for people and planet

Our global food system is responsible for a third of all global greenhouse gas emissions and is the main driver of deforestation and biodiversity loss. But it could be so different. The way we produce food could be part of the solution for people and planet.

About a third of all the food we produce is wasted. If we managed our food system more efficiently, we would reduce the impact of food production on the ecosystems we depend on. 

Agriculture can play a crucial role in addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis. Regenerative farming and aquaculture restores degraded land and marine ecosystems, protecting habitats for pollinating insects and species crucial to food webs.

Over the next two months on RE:TV, we will be exploring how innovations in the food and agriculture sector are helping redress the balance. We have been fortunate enough to work with pioneering organisations around the world who are exploring how our global food system can work in harmony with nature.

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