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A circular route to designing and building a car fuelled by hydrogen

Former Formula One engineer, Hugo Spowers, has come up with a revolutionary approach to car design and manufacture. He and his Riversimple team in Wales have followed circular design principles to build a car that runs entirely on hydrogen. Its only emissions are water vapour, and every aspect of their business – from sustainable supply chains to its singular design, forward-thinking ownership models and enlightened corporate governance – is driven by consideration of its environmental impact.

Riversimple's Rasa Beta has a lightweight carbon fibre chassis and motors on every wheel, setting the Rasa apart from traditional car design. The inventive braking system generates around 80% of the car’s power via a super-capacitor, while the remaining 20% is provided by hydrogen, which passes through a fuel cell and combines with oxygen to produce the electricity which powers the car and delivers impressive acceleration.

The Rasa is more than a prototype. Residents in nearby Abergavenny have been test-driving the Rasa Beta since April 2021 – and the company plans to go into production in the next five years through a series of local manufacturing plants.

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