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Resilient Wind Power

Zephyr Power

Combining renewable energy and mangrove restoration

Zephyr Power's wind turbines near Karachi provide much-needed renewable energy in Pakistan at the same time as restoring local mangroves; a Nature Based Solution that helps reduce the devastating impact of floods in the Indus delta and draw down CO2 from the atmosphere.

Kumayl Khaleeli, CEO of Zephyr Power, explains how this 50MW project harnesses Pakistan's abundant natural resources to point the way towards clean energy security for communities across the country, improving livelihoods and reducing dependency on imported fossil fuels.

Amal-Lee Amin, Managing Director Climate, Gender & Diversity and Advisory at British International Investment outlines how this project fits into the broader context of aligning Nature Based Solutions and renewable energy generation.

Architect and Environmentalist Tariq Alexander Qaiser reveals that the restoration of the mangrove ecosystem in between the turbines not only helps with natural flood defences and encourages biodiversity, but also absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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