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Collecting and recycling waste plastic into useful products

Like many countries in the developing world, Uganda lacks a formal infrastructure for waste recycling. Much of the country's discarded plastic is abandoned and burned in open land, causing severe damage to the environment and people's health. In Masaka county, southern Uganda, EcoBrixs has come up with a way of dealing with this waste responsibly. They pay local people to collect plastic waste, and then recycle into products like fence posts and paving slabs which are sold back to the local community - usually at a lower cost less than their non-recycled competitors.

EcoBrixs is now looking to expand its closed loop system in other locations, exploring the likes of plastic credits to provide the capital to fuel their growth. Interest in Ecobrixs in Nigeria, Congo, Haiti and Pakistan demonstrates the appeal of this low-impact circular model which not only addresses the mounting crisis of plastic waste without the need for complex technology or infrastructure, but also provides much-needed work in rural areas.

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