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Financing for regenerative agriculture

Pollination provides insights into the innovative financing methods which are accelerating regenerative agriculture

In December 2023, the 28th UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (“COP”) dedicated a full day to Food, Agriculture, and Water – a first for any COP. World leaders signalled the need for holistic food systems transformation as 150 countries committed to incorporating food systems into national climate plans by 2025 under the Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems, and Climate Action. Commitments were echoed by the private sector, with over a dozen of the largest food companies in the world agreeing to advance regenerative agriculture practices.

While the growing global momentum around food systems and regenerative agriculture investing is encouraging, momentum is ahead of actual understanding of the topic by key financial actors in the food and agriculture value chain.

This report, Financing for Regenerative Agriculture, helps solve this challenge by providing useful insights into applied financial instruments in this sector. As a note, the report is primarily intended for financial professionals with access to flexible, scaled capital and an understanding of the terminology, yet professional readers will still be able to gain valuable insight into the concepts involved.

Financing for Regenerative Agriculture Report

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