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Financing a Regenerative Agricultural Transition in England

Nat West and WWF explore the financial viability of regenerative agriculture in England

We are already in the midst of a fundamental agricultural transition, with farmers across the country facing unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty. Farming is operating in a system vulnerable to shocks, stresses, supply chain disruptions, and price pressures, many of which are directly caused or made worse by climate change and the loss of nature.

In the meantime, the UK remains one of the most nature-depleted countries globally, with nearly one in six species threatened by extinction. The food system is simply not working for people or the planet.

Addressing the nexus of climate, nature and food together will be the “triple challenge” of the coming decade. Getting this transition right is critical not just to support farmers on this journey, but also to investor and citizen movements who seek access to healthier food produced in a way that improves the health of the ecological systems and the climate.

This is not a roadmap to kick off a process but to support, guide and accelerate it so that farmers receive the support they need at each stage of their journey, receive a fair market return for producing healthy and nutritious food, and are rewarded for tackling climate change and restoring nature.

Importantly, this is also a roadmap focused on action, where all parts of the financial ecosystem surrounding farming work together to take the steps they can. Any strategy for shifting financial flows towards support for regenerative practices and building a resilient food system will need to adopt an ‘all hands on deck’ approach across the value chain.

WWF and Natwest Group - Roadmap for financing a regenerative agricultural transition in England

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