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Guest Editor, Inna Braverman

Guest Editor: Inna Braverman

Co-founder and CEO, Eco Wave Power

Inna Braverman is the co-founder and CEO of EcoWavePower, a start-up based in Tel Aviv which generates electricity from incoming waves without damaging marine ecosystems. Born in Ukraine just before the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, she suffered respiratory arrest as an infant, and has drawn on that experience to build a pioneering renewable energy company with projects in Portugal, Israel and the USA.

Here, Inna selects five RE:TV films which reflect the how renewable energy is powering an extraordinary transformation across the world to address the climate crisis.

She is the fourth of our guest editors; inspiring women drawn from across the world of climate solutions, science, art and activism who have curated essential-viewing playlists in the lead up to COP28. 

These films are stories of hope, optimism and positive transformation – showcasing signs of change and hope that others can learn from and scale.

BluEarth Renewables, Canada

This film has so many parallels with what we’re trying to do with EcoWavePower – generating electricity from water without damaging the environment. I think the partnership with the local indigenous people is a fascinating element – and one we’d love to explore in the future.

Oxford PV, UK and Germany

Perovskite technology has the potential to transform solar power, by absorbing much more of the sun’s energy than conventional silicon solar cells. Oxford PV’s innovation is really simple and transformative.

Zephyr Power, Pakistan

Zephyr Power's wind turbines near Karachi provide much-needed renewable energy in a country which is largely dependent on fossil-fuels, the fact that they are also restoring local mangroves makes this even more interesting. Not only do the mangroves help reduce the devastating impact of floods in the Indus delta, but they also draw down CO2 from the atmosphere and help local fishing communities.

Eavor, Canada

Eavor’s geothermal technology is a game-changer, providing a source of constant, clean and stable energy from deep under the earth. I also like the fact that so many of its leadership team are female.

UBQ, Israel

There’s a really vibrant start-up scene in Israel. UBQ have developed an advanced waste conversion technology which breaks down unsorted waste streams to create a composite thermoplastic material which can then be recycled.

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