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redesigning renewables

Biome Renewables

Taking inspiration from nature to redesign wind turbines and other clean technology

Nature has evolved over millennia, with every species alive today the product of generations of adaptation and refinement. Janine Benyus of the Biomimicry Institute sets out how the guiding principle of biomimicry is to learn from this vast resource of natural research and development, seeking inspiration for the design and engineering problems we face today.

Biome Renewables are using this approach to look at how to make existing renewable energy products more effective and efficient. Their founder, CEO and CTO, Ryan Church brings together a background in engineering, materials and systems with an entrepreneurial spirit and a life-long interest in biologically-inspired design. He and Bryan Murphy, Biome’s Head of Finance, explore some of the technology that will power the transition to a clean energy future.

Examples include their PowerCone technology, which takes inspiration from the aerodynamics of a falling maple seed to allow turbines to harness more energy, and the FeatherEdge, which takes its inspiration from an owl’s wing to reduce the noise associated with wind turbines - making them more suitable for residential areas.

With thanks to:

Ryan Church, founder, CEO and CTO,

Bryan Murphy, Head of Finance,

Janine Benyus, co-founder,

Biome Renewables is a finalist of this year’s Ray of Hope Prize, which was started by the Biomimicry Institute to showcase and support companies using biomimicry to address the climate crisis.

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