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A Land of Plenty

World Wildlife Fund's nature positive pathway to decarbonise UK agriculture and land use

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) identifies the UK as one of the most nature-depleted places in the world. The UK's soils are increasingly degraded, rivers polluted, and oceans overexploited, in large part to support an industrialised food system that has lost its connection with the natural processes that once sustained it. This is also driving the destruction of habitats globally and pushing our climate ever closer to catastrophic tipping points. Yet the way we farm and use our land is particularly crucial because, in addition to reducing emissions, we also need to restore nature and keep producing healthy and nutritious food.

In this report, WWF aims to deliver some of the details needed to solve the challenge and consider what the agriculture and land use sectors across the UK need to do in order to put it on a nature-positive pathway to meeting climate commitments in 2030 and beyond.

World Wildlife Fund's - Land of Plenty Pathway

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