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RE:TV at COP28

COP28 Episode Three

Finance Day: how do we fund a just transition?

As thoughts turn to Finance at COP28, there is a general consensus that bringing together the private and public sector is essential if we are to fund the infrastructure needed for a Net Zero economy. No one can do this alone.

Sam Teicher of Coral Vida puts it very well; "for too long, the private sector and corporates and financiers have thought about this as some problem for scientists, for NGOs, for governments to deal with." These days the banking sector recognises the scale of the challenge and the part they play in addressing it. As Noel Quinn of HSBC points out; "all of us collectively need to scale up that investment to a much greater level than we're currently doing."

Also featuring Mark Andre-Blanchard of CDPQ, Tanya Steele of WWF-UK, John Leo Algo of Aksyon Klima Pilipinas, and Rachel Malka Barr of Climate Tech Propel

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