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RE:TV at COP28

COP28 Episode Two

The second day of the Business and Philanthropy Forum

Many of the conversations on the second day of the Sustainable Markets Initiative's Business and Philanthropy Forum touched on two of the key themes at COP - Health and Food. The two sectors are deeply connected and are both dependent on the health of ecosystems around the world. Reducing emissions from food, which is responsible for some 30% of global greenhouse emissions, would have serious benefits for people's health around the world.

Hear from business leaders in the health and food sectors and specialists in the regenenrative farming movement on how these sectors can accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Featuring Pascal Soriot of Astra Zeneca, Kris Licht of Reckitt, Jim Andrew of Pepsico, Charlie Angelakos of McCain, Ron Hovsepian of Indigo Ag, and Patrick Holden of the Sustainable Food Trust.

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