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COP27 Introduction

Introducing our daily show at COP27. Allegra Stratton meets Marcene Mitchell and Joan Carling

Allegra Stratton introduces the first episode of our daily show, RE:TV at COP27, meeting innovators, campaigners, experts and entrepreneurs on the ground in Sharm-el-Sheikh to find out how nature can inspire and guide our efforts to address the climate crisis.

Marcene Mitchell, Senior Vice-President Climate Change at the World Wildlife Fund, points out how important it is for us to resolve the ongoing issue of climate finance and help developing countries who are suffering much more from the effects of climate change than those industrialised countries who were responsible for it. She encourages us to work with nature to mitigate the impact of rising temperatures and water-levels, and reminds us of nature's capacity to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere through its forests and oceans.

Joan Carling, Executive Director, Indigenous Leaders Board and Director, the Tenure Facility Board of Directors, provides an insight into the often overlooked contribution made by indigenous people in protecting the natural world. Despite representing only 6% of the world's population, they are responsible for an estimated 80% of the world's biodiversity - much of it in tropical and polar regions that are experiencing the most severe impact of the climate crisis.

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