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Day 6 at COP27

COP27 Adaptation

Day 6 at COP27. Allegra Stratton with Clara Rowe and Patrick Holden

Two of the major themes at COP27 have been adaptation and agriculture. In this final episode of RE:TV at COP, Allegra Stratton explores how farming can help mitigate the climate crisis and restore degraded landscapes.

Clara Rowe, CEO of Restor, reveals how satellite technology is helping pinpoint areas of the greatest environmental damage and chart the progress of restoration projects around the world.

Kimaren Ole Riamit, Founder / Director of Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners highlights the impact that climate change is having on Maasai Mara's pastoral economy while Liam Kokuau, Ngati Makeka Arera of Rarotonga, outlines how pests are affecting the crops his island community in the South Pacific have traditionally relied on, and the need to identify more resilient variations.

Patrick Holden, Founder and Chief Executive of the Sustainable Food Trust describes how we could transform our global food system by working more closely with nature, using regenerative agriculture techniques to restore degraded land and encourage biodiversity.

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