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The title 'Filtering Water with Worms' over a woman walking through rows of water spinkling technology under a shelter on a farm

Absolute Water

Transforming waste water into drinking water using specially-bred worms

Fewer than 50 per cent of India’s population of almost 1.3 billion has access to safely-managed drinking water. India's Green Entrepreneur of the Year 2020, Smita Sighal of Absolute Water, explains how her Green Sewage Treatment plants convert waste into drinking water where it’s needed most.

"we need innovative and imaginative solutions to tackle the water crisis"

There are more than 2 billion people living in countries with high water stress. With climate change projected to make this situation even worse, we need innovative and imaginative solutions to tackle the water crisis.

Absolute Water is a green tech water company based in New Delhi which transforms sewage waste into safe drinking water, as per WHO standards. They use specially-bred worms as the first part of the filtration process to remove micropollutants. During the second process, the water is filtered through completely organic and inorganic media, such as pebbles, sand and woodchips, which makes the water safe to use in agriculture. A final stage uses an advanced non-chemical treatment to create drinking water. Absolute Water is providing a solution where waste is transformed into value.

Visit Absolute Water's website to find out more.

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