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COP28 Episode Seven

How Youth and Innovation are Driving the Transition

The last of our daily highlights from COP looks at how youth and innovation are driving the transition towards Net Zero, and encouraging public engagement with climate solutions.

Mars Chief Sustainability Officer Barry Parkin outlines the company's road-map to reduce its carbon footprint to achieve its Net Zero targets and encourages others in the food sector to follow suit. Cameron Hepburn of Oxford Martin School identifies some of the key innovations that promise to drive down emissions. Jack ""Tato"" Bigio of UBQ urges businesses to engage with the circular economy and finds reasons for optimism in the knowledge and commitment of young people. 14 year old entrepreneur Patrick Njoroge Wachira outlines some of his innovations, while Rob Niven of Carbon Cure and Tom Green of Vesta outline their approaches to reducing emissions carbon capture and Ido Sella of ECOncrete is encouraged by the growth of people power - forcing governments to engage more urgently with climate solutions.

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