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COP28: Mars

Insights into how Mars is working towards its Net Zero target

"We have to redesign everything. You're not going to halve your footprint whilst continuing to grow unless you do some pretty major stuff.. So let's all get on and do this because it's perfectly possible, perfectly affordable."

Barry Parkin, Chief Sutainability Officer and Chief Procurement Officer of Mars, shares his insights into how Mars is planning to reduce its emissions to Net Zero at the same time as continuing to grow the business. Mars having established a clear strategy that will reduce its emissions by 50% by 2030. So far, this approach has been a great success, as Mars has reduced its footprint by 8%, while the business has grown by 60%.

As an experienced sustainability strategist, Barry knows how careful planning is vital to this process. Mars has published a 30-page document detailing how this reduction will be furthered each year, including its use of renewable energy, electric alternatives, new circular packaging, and lower carbon ingredients - from chocolate to pet food.

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