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Introducing RE:IMAGINE
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Introducing RE:IMAGINE

The global transition to a sustainable future is the growth story of our time. We must capture the will, imagination, and enthusiasm of humanity, by re-imagining our future. We are on the verge of catalytic breakthroughs that will alter our view of what is possible and profitable. New employment opportunities, entire new industries and markets, rooted in sustainability, are within our grasp – with the potential for unparalleled economic growth. We must simply visualise the future and have the confidence to invest in it.

There is an enormous opportunity for businesses to reimagine themselves, to redesign their supply chains and their products in the way sustainably minded consumers are demanding. We need only look at our young people for ideas and inspiration. We now need to shape the markets, industries and jobs of the future, as the next decade will be the most important in our lifetime.

the next decade will be the most important in our lifetime.

HRH The Prince of Wales

To make progress, working on our own individual pieces of the puzzle will not be enough. We must bring these pieces together if we are to see and achieve the big picture. These films are a call to all of us: to children, our artists, our scientists, our innovators, and our business leaders. If there was ever a time to dream big and reimagine, it is now. There is simply no time to waste.

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