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COP27 Decarbonisation

Day 5 at COP27. Allegra Stratton with Beverley Cornaby, Brennan Spellacy and Jennifer Holmgren

As COP27's focus shifts to decarbonisation, Allegra Stratton meets three people at the cutting edge of decarbonisation in order to get an insight into the pathway towards Net Zero.

Beverley Cornaby, Programme Director of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, calls on governments to ramp up their committments on Nationally Determined Contributions and challenges the assumption that we can't tackle decarbonissation at the same time as we address loss and damage in the developing world.

Jennifer Holmgren is CEO of LanzaTech, a carbon recycling company which produces Sustainable Aviation Fuel and other products from industrial and domestic waste-streams.

Brennan Spellacy is co-founder and CEO of Patch, a platform connecting organisations which specialise in carbon removal with businesses looking to develop climate action products.

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