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COP27 Biodiversity

Day 2 at COP27. Allegra Stratton meets Thomas Crowther, Yitagesu Tekle and Margarita Mora

Allegra Stratton presents the second episode of our daily show from Sharm-el-Sheikh, meeting innovators, campaigners, experts and entrepreneurs at COP27 to understand how nature can help us address the climate crisis. On day two, the show focuses on the themes of biodiversity, traditional knowledge and indigenous people.

Professor Thomas Crowther of the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich and founder of Restor discusses the interdependence of biodiversity, ecosystems and climate change. Yitagesu Tekle of the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance and the European Forest Institute set out the thinking behind the circular bioeconomy, and Margarita Mora of Nia Tero considers what we can learn from the way Indigenous peoples relate to nature.

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