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Reset Connect, Day 1

From sustainable cities and finance to the circular economy, food and biodiversity

To mark London Climate Action Week, RETV dropped in at Reset Connect and met a number of leaders in the sustainability space.

Cassie Sutherland Managing Director For Climate Solutions and Networks, C40 Cities set out her vision for sustainable cities across the world and explained how access to green jobs could drive the economy.

Dr Nina Seega, Research Director for Sustainable Finance Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, points out how we need to move to a model where all finance is sustainable.

Sebastian Munden, Chair of WRAP, highlights a the advantages of a Circular future and how to move away from the make, use and waste linear approach.

Danielle Crompton, Ethics and Sustainability Manager, Waitrose describes the complex challenges facing the food industry, from land use and emissions through to waste and packaging.

Pete Brotherton, Director of Science, Natural England considers how  habitat creation can help halt the loss of biodiversity in the UK and recover over 50% of our species.

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