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New Iridium

Carbon-negative chemical manufacturing inspired by photosynthesis

The chemicals industry generates trillions of dollars of revenue globally, producing a wide range of products from packaging and paint to food and pharmaceuticals. However, many of the manufacturing processes involved in creating these products rely on high temperatures making the chemical manufacturing industry a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.  

New Iridium aims to reduce the sector’s impact on the environment by decarbonising the chemical industry. Using next-generation technology powered by light to upcycle CO2, they are able to manufacture lower-cost, carbon-negative versions of existing commodity chemicals - effectively consuming more CO2 than the process emits.  Taking inspiration from the natural process of photosynthesis and powered by renewable electricity, New Iridium's technology could eliminate millions of tons of carbon emissions from chemical manufacturing. 

New Iridium was selected as a finalist for the Biomimicry Institute's 2021 Ray of Hope Prize, which celebrates nature-inspired solutions addressing the world’s biggest environmental and sustainability challenges.   

With thanks to:

Dr Chern-Hooi Lim, Brent Cutcliffe and Paige Riley.

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